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  • Piwi Infinity Scarf


    For a warm, happy and stylish dog this winter, look no further than the Piwi Infinity Scarf!  It will make a perfect gift for that special dog in your life.  

    This acrylic scarf simply slips over your dog's head and has no buttons or snaps to come loose and pose a choking hazard.  This scarf measures approximately 21" in circumference and is available in multiple colors.  You will want to collect all colors so your four legged family member has a scarf to accessorize every outfit!  Please choose from the following colors:

    1.  Cream

    2.  Tan

    3.  Brown

    4.  Black

    5.  Light Blue

    6.  Dark Blue

    7.  Purple

    8.  Red

    This scarf can also be accented with a flower.  Please follow this link to sweeten this scarf with a flower.

    **Please do not leave your dog unattended while wearing this scarf.  

    This scarf can be made for any sized dog.  Please send us a message and let us know what size we can make for your dog!