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  • Cotton Washcloths - set of 2


    If you're looking for a fun way to liven up the task of cleaning, look no further!

    Washcloths are hand knitted, come in a set of 2 and are made of 100% cotton.  Perfect for cleaning, washing dishes, bathing or your own personal at home spa day.

    Each measure approximately 9.5" x 10" and are durable and made to last.

    Please choose from the following color combinations:

    1.  Purples (one solid purple and one light/dark purple and white)

    2.  Cream (two solid cream colored washcloths)

    3.  Flecked (two cream washcloths with purple, red and blue flecks)

    4.  Red (two solid red washcloths)

    5.  Mixed Lime (one solid lime and one lime/yellow/red)

    6.  Sunny (two lime/yellow/red washcloths)

    7.  Red/Sunny (one solid red and one sunny washcloth)

    8.  Solid Lime (2 solid lime washcloths)

    Care Instructions:  

    Machine wash in cold water with similar colors, tumble dry low