All Handmade

How We Got Started

I've always been driven to create from an early age.  From creating greeting cards to learning to sew in 4-H to learning from my mom how to needlepoint and embroider by hand, I've always enjoyed making beautiful things.  I still have a music box I made when I was about 10 years old.  

I've never been the kind of person who buys something because it's "in" or because everybody else had it, and I really developed an appreciation for unique and unusual pieces during several trips to Mexico.  During my quest for the unique and unusual, I began to realize that I had the skills and ability to make things myself.  I learned how to make jewelry, I took art classes to learn how to paint, I relearned how to crochet and I taught myself how to knit.  While spring cleaning one year, I pulled a big stack of old magazines out of my cabinet.  Not wanting to dump them in a landfill and being too lazy to take them to a recycling center, I decided to create something with them, and the Eco-friendly category was born.  

So now I look like the crazy hoarder taking home empty bottles from the local tavern, bottle caps from all my friends, scouring thrift stores for supplies and saving things to repurpose instead of putting them in the earth.  This is something I enjoy doing.  Creating is therapeutic, and it's such a great feeling to watch a new creation come to life.  

At first I only made things for myself.  After a while I started running out of places to put things.  This abundance of completed work combined with all the positive feedback I received as well as numerous requests to purchase my items led me in the direction of making these creations available to everyone.  

My mom is a genius with a sewing machine.  As far back as I can remember she has enjoyed sewing and has been very instrumental in my creative process.  She has always made clothes for us and several years ago began quilting and embroidering.  She has made many beautiful things and has decided to share them with you as well.  

We value the time-honored tradition of creating things by hand and hope our products bring you joy for many years to come.  

Cynthia Price
Owner, operator, founder and primary manufacturer